Sunday, November 28, 2010

Welcome back to my work

Dear Blogger, I think you and I are going to have a long and wonderful relationship together. I know we've done this dance many times before only for me to leave you for another, proving that I have the committed adhesiveness of a Post-It note, but I believe this time is for real. You've changed immensely, and although you're still not perfect (and never will be; and neither will I), I think I'm ready to finally settle down. Also, I am very tired of experimenting with all of these new blogging softwares when at the end of the day, I know you the best (having been a Blogger user for - seriously - over a decade).

Anyway. I've decided to unclog my creative channels by blogging and webdesigning again for the sole purpose of I LOVE IT AND I DON'T CARE ABOUT WHAT ANYONE THINKS ANYMORE. I've tried doing a purely mommy-and-baby blog, and that didn't work because I am so much more than just a mommy. I've tried doing the nursing blog thing, but I'm just not very comfortable with sharing other peoples' business, even though I change all of the names and don't tell anyone where I work. Which wouldn't work anyway, because anybody who cares enough to find out the details will find out the details. And finally, I tried doing the "I'm a yoga teacher, this is my website where I blog about yoga stuff and by the way, here's my class schedule". The latter actually appearing to be quite successful, but was very tedious behind the scenes because after all - I am so much more than a yoga teacher, and the stuff I really want to blog about is usually not "yoga-related" at all, and by that I mean it doesn't always involve asanas, organic products, Ayurveda, and my personal take on the yoga sutras. Although I do want to blog about those things once in a while.

I think what's really tainted, er, ruined my blogging experience over the past few years was my perception of my ideal target audience. I designed and wrote much more happily when my target audience was "no one" and my expected audience was "everyone". And by everyone, I mean people in other countries who I may never meet but will get to know on a deeper level than anyone else I can share room air with, and people whom I regularly share room air with but don't want me to know that they read my stuff. So like I said - everyone.

So this is my target audience: nobody. This is my expected audience: everybody. I am going to re-enter my familiar blogosphere, and hopefully re-make some old friends as well as make some new ones. Yes, for the most part, we've all had babies over the past few years, so the vast majority of blogs in my circle have mommy content in them, which is awesome because there will always be mommy content in mine. And while I will always continue to enjoy the many eloquently and hilariously written nursing blogs out there, I will not be making any references to my work whatsoever that may compromise another's confidentiality. Unless of course, I'm being really, really, vague about it. I love yoga, so there's gonna be a bit of yoga stuff here and there. I also love fitness too - this involves everything from weight training to Zumba to step classes to wussy attempts at taking up running; so there will be a bit of that here and there as well.

This blog is going to be a big ol' mess, and be about everything and nothing. And mostly all of those everythings and nothings will have something to do with me. Timmie, Timmie, Timmie. This is Timmie's Blog and she does not freaking care anymore. I just need an outlet. So read it, soak it up, or not. Leave a comment, or not; but I really like it when you do, so long as it is nice (take or leave).

I don't take a lot of pictures. Or maybe I do; that doesn't matter - the point is, I rarely find the time to upload and post them as often as I would like. For now.

Sometimes I'll blog every hour of the day, and sometimes you won't see me for weeks at a time. Isn't that how it goes? Right here and now I'm going to make it very clear that I am not going to apologize for my erratic posting because that would mean I'm apologizing for having a life. Which is actually a big pile of baloney because I do feel sorry when I don't post often, but not for you. Mostly for me, because not posting means not writing. And not writing means I've been skimping out on one of my most favorite creative outlets.

On that note, I'm also not going to apologize for boring you. And that is all for now, congratulations of having read this far. I believe we all deserve a safe place to rant and rave and showcase absolutely anything want to. This is my place (for now! Sorry Blogger, but that's just about as committed as a webdesigner can get) and I'm going to nestle myself in, nice and warm.

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